Secretarial Audit

Secretarial audit is an audit check compliance of various legislation of the company act other cooperate and economic law which is applicable to the company or organization. In this process the company under cooperate law or other law has to follow the rules, regulation and procedure. Examination is required in the organization to point out the error mistake etc.

Secretarial audit is highly beneficial to the company for the multi-pronged weapon to assure regulation generate confidences again the shareholder, creditor and other stake holder in the company to ensure FIIs, FIs, SIDC banks. The various points given by the Pratik shah to produce the positive result of the stack holder of the company.

  • Promoters
  • Non-executive
  • Government authorities
  • Investors
  • Other stakeholder

The Pratik Shah which is given the certificate for the practice for conduct secretarial audit and can make report for the company. All the company have to give full information about the company to the secretarial audit for the necessary of the auditors.

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