Management Audit

Management audit is examination of organisation structure, operation function, plan, policies, activities, evaluation of earning capacity of management. Management audit are crucial in times of major changes such as merger, significant alternation in the top management. This audit helps the management into efficient administration operation. Helpful for the probability of the organization. The whole process is towards the assessing the effectiveness of current management approach to achieve goals and making suggestion to the organization.

  • The process of system and procedure of the organisation
  • Management office information operation system and appraisal of its effectiveness
  • Personal policy and techniques given by the management
  • Selling distribution system appraisal of its effectiveness
  • Operation of the purchasing and production of their effectiveness.
  • A method to be change for the purchasing which is beneficial for the organisation.
  • The profit or loss is highly depending upon fully quality of the management.

All in the management audit the person has to keep information of banks, cheque, cash etc. The entire management audit is done of the organization by attention on the accounting details.

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